World Wide Web of Adoration

Doctor Johny on  (the ADORE-L mail list)) has suggested that if someone in each time zone through the world would take one hour and be committed to spending it in adoration (ideally in front of the Blessed Sacrament, but at home if necessary) a world wide coverage of adoration could be made. We need to pray for increase in devotion to the Real Presence and also for Our Holy Father during that time. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could have several people for each hour? chirho is willing to maintain this page as part of the ministry of HoseaHouse. Please send an email with your home time zone, and what hour you will pray to DR Ioan Anghelescu. GOD BLESS YOU!

Hopefully we will eventually have enough folks adoring our Lord to be able to cover all the hours of the week! If you already have a regular time of adoration you may add this to your intentions in that hour. Let us know the time and zone!

GMTTime of prayer
Local Zone and time
Day of weekemail or code of praying person
0100 Daily1800
0200 Daily0700 EST/
0400 Daily2300-2330
1300 Daily2300
1800 Daily1800
0600 Sunday0100
0700 Sunday0000
2300 Sunday1700
1500 Monday1000
1600-1800 Monday2000
0100 Tuesday2000 EST/
0200 Tuesday2100
0300 Tuesday2200 PST
0900 Tuesday0100
1100 Tuesday0300
2400 Tuesday1500
0200 Wednesday2100
0900 Wednesday0400
1000 Wednesday0200
1200-1400 Wednesday1600-1800
2230 Wednesday1730
0000 Thursday0700
0500 Thursday2300
1000 Thursday0200
1200 Thursday1200
1600 Thursday0900
1800 Thursday2000 - RomaniaThursdayanghelescu.ioan@STARNETS.RO
1800 Thursday1300
1900 Thursday2100 - Roumania
2200 Thurdsay1700 EST/
0030 Friday1930 ESTThursdayOur Lady's Thurs Eve Prayer Grp in VA
0100 Friday2000
0100 Friday2000 EST/
0200 Friday2000 CSTThursdayInHearts@AOL.COM
0200 Friday2000
0400 Friday2300 EST/
0400 Friday2000 PST/
0500 Friday2100 PST/
1100 Friday1500 ESTFridayshireen@bay
1830-2000 Friday0830-noon
2200 Friday1400
0200 Saturday2200
0430 Saturday2330
1200 Saturday0700
1400 Saturday0900 (T)
1800 Saturday1300 (M)

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