Hello! 'Tis a GENEALOGY Genie I am, a leprechaun name o' chirho, here with me pot o'gold...
Ma desire be ta keep ye away from me gold by pushin' ye onto the
delightful pages below! ;)

These pages were orphaned, and have been adopted into good homes
so the links show you where they've gone!

And there, to yer left, that'd be Dooley.. he's a wantin' ye t'see his
crew o'dancin' laddies on the Wild Irish pages!
He's tellin' all bout the culture and history - and some o'the fun
wi'a bit of genealogy and some rare good links!
Dooley Booley
And Booley, on the right, be talkin' bout how the world, 'tis such a graannd
large place to be doin' some research, wi' the links to all ye'll be a'needin'
ta learn it all and find it all!!
ta be Linking to Lives!

Scottie, there, will be wantin' to pipe ye away to the Highland Flings and all those wonderful pages. And why not? Celtic, most of 'em, (some of 'em are even Irish! :) Click on link number 9 when you get there!


And then there's

An' down there, below, that'd be me, a boyo again, talking about a wonder o'a page,
ta tell ye 'bout the SECRETS of researaching yer folks in the
graaannnd US of A! wi'a few fine links there, too!


Pam Middleton had given us her award :) as had Genie Bug.

Sure, an' if 'tisn't genealogy for which yer' aseekin'.. then be going
on back to the main house where the monks'll make ye confortable and show ye about!

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