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Welcome to the Giftshop!

Many times a monastery will have a gift shop. Ours might be a small cottage by the side of the road as you turn in from the highway. There you might find shelves stocked with dried fruits and vegetables -- or fresh ones in season - from the gardens and orchards. Sparkling jars of honey, tins of fruit cake and handmade candies from other Monastic Gift shops might be there.

A monastic motto is "Let the guest be treated as Christ." Almost all monasteries have a guest house for those who wish to draw apart from the world to deepen their prayer life and return to the world with new strength and energy. Here you can link to some of them.

Religious icons, books and other items are also often found in such places as well as in other shops. You might be offered steaming coffee and fresh bread from the monastery kitchen. Brochures describing the layout of the grounds, (here that would be a site map ) are available. Often the volunteer or community member working in the gift shop loads you up with a few wonderful extras, 'just because'!

Being a virtual monastery, we offer you the opportunity to look into some goodies, some of which would make these pages much more pleasant to view and deepen your experience here.

There are a few things you might want to have in order to best enjoy this site, although an effort has been made to make it pleasant for text-only browsers, as well as others.

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