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In monasteries, the word cloister is used in two ways: (1) to mean the "enclosure" - that area of the monastery into which people who are not in the community are not allowed unless there are exceptional circumstances (e.g. doctors to treat the ill, workmen to make repairs). small bouquet (2) an enclosed area used by the inhabitants of the monastery for open air exercise and meditation. Some ancient cloisters contained a covered walkway separated from the gardens by arches. Most large art museums contain at least a portion of one of these, as the arches were usually beautifully carved. The purpose of the beauty in the cloister was to elevate the heart of the monk to the Ultimate Creator of Beauty. butterfly Usually the monk would do his/her share of work in the gardens and otherwise come to the cloister during quiet free times to read spiritual books, meditate, and stroll. Mendel was doing so when he began to notice the different flowers in the sweet-pea patch, and musing upon that led him to think about how the Lord arranged for variation in nature, leading to the discovery of genetics.

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