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Monks usually eat a very plain and somewhat sparse diet, and fast frequently for the good of their souls. But as they grow in holiness, they learn to "Fast when you fast and feast when you feast!" They find that in this process they tend to become more acutely aware of the qualities of food - the texture, taste, smell, color and unique qualities of various foods.

And even in communities where fasting is the main way of life for the monks, there will be found one or two cooks skilled in the culinary arts to provide for those who come to them as guests. This is part of the monastic hospitality by which "all guests are to be treated as Christ".

Over time we hope to develop a subset of pages about different foods; celebrating their unique qualities and investigating ways to enhance that in simple cooking. This, after all, is the essential point of fine gourmet cooking, although these pages will not attain 'Cordon Bleu' quality! It is hoped that they will be both enjoyable and useful to all.


Not for everyone, perhaps, but interesting! Wild Food!

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