The lifetime of a forest is between 200 and 2000 years. In managing the woodlot, the desire to create a  long-lived healthy forest should be a guiding principle. The monastery uses wood for buildings, fencing, fine cabinetry, furniture making and sculpting religious art. The earth uses the woodlot to refresh itself, purifying air and water, and renewing the fertility of the soil. Going to the woods on retreat (in a small cabin called a hermitage) or working or just walking, in the woods helps the monk to purify his/her mind and body and refresh the fertility of his/her soul. The woodlot is also a place of refuge for many of God's creatures.

deer at the forest edge

deer at the forest edge

A cord of wood (4' x 8' x 4') can produce any of the following :

- 61,370 standard envelopes
- 1,200 copies of National Geographic
- 30 rocking chairs
- 460,000 personal checks
- 942 one-pound books
- 250 copies of the New York Times
- 7,500,000 toothpicks

Source : North Carolina Forest Stewardship Program
Copied from : The Forest Steward. September/October 1997.
The National Arbor Day Foundation. Pg. 6.

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