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The Liturgy is the highest work of the monk, that to which the monk prefers nothing. The loving, reverant, prayerful celebration of the Holy Mass is the center of the life for every monastery. Close behind it is the celebration of the Divine Office - the liturgical hours of the Church. These are public prayers of the Church, which the monk offers for all, it is this above all that not only nourishes the soul of the monk, but speaks of the vocation to be in prayer for all of the "people of God".

INAESTIMABILE DONUM (instrutions on Celebration of Eucharist)
The Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist
Universalis home page
General Instructions for the Roman Missal

"The Liturgy of the Third Millenium" audiotape series by Fr. Peter Stravinskas, Papal consultant on the Liturgy is four audiotapes and is available at Saint Joseph Communications.

Eastern Catholic Rites

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Una_Voce, obediently seeking the return of the Latin Mass
Traditional Latin Mass
OSB. General. Topics. Liturgy. Index
Thesaurus Musicarum Latinarum
The Catholic Liturgical Library

Christianity and the Arts
Roman Catholic Vestments

Postures at Mass

Liturgy Office Home Page- UK
Divine Liturgy Part 1- St John Chrysostom Byzantine

Some examples of Medieval Books of the Hours
13th Century Antiphonal
The Burnet Psalter. University of Aberdeen
A Hypertext Book of Hours

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