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Here are three great web sites that show all the parishes in the country and Mass times, etc. Some even show maps on how to get there...
Mass Times
links you to the online map for every parish!
Mass in Transit
RC Net go to "Diocesan Directory"

Catholic USA
This site is mastered by a priest with long experience and strong education. He has very high standards for including links, and they appear to be quite reliable for safe CATHOLIC surfing! Enjoy!

Catholic Families Net
has a goal of providing safe Internet content for Catholic Familes

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Catholic Exchange
LOTS of great things!
New Advent Catholic Supersite

Peter's Net
The Catholic Goldmine!
CICI Home Page
Catholic Information Network (CIN)
Catholic Community Forum
The Catholic Pages
Catholic Online Index * Sone links are questionable...
Catholic Internet Directory
(from Arabic, means good news)
Links and information on the Church in the Holy Land and MidEast.
RCNet - A Catholic Network
Catholic Internet Directory
Nazareth Resources Links

United States Catholic Historical Society

Journeys of Faith: Pilgrimages with Bob and Penny Lord
Morning Prayer
Check out their daily prayer email!
Pages to Uplift the Heart

Catholic Canada
The Catholic Church in Ireland

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