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Catholic Community Forum

CERC - Catholic Educator's Resource Center WEB SITE TO HELP CATHOLIC EDUCATORS ROME, JAN 26 (ZENIT).- Concerned about the growing secularism in public school textbooks, which are often the only textbooks available for Catholic schools as well, a group of educators, academics, and priests has joined together to form the Catholic Educator's Resource Center (CERC). The group works to identify areas of weakness in teaching materials and to develop educational resources that fairly present the Catholic contribution and perspective. The group has set up a new web site ( http://www.catholiceducation.org/ ) to provide resources to teachers, conveying the important role Christian culture has played in history. Articles are drawn from a wide range of journals and periodicals to provide articulate resource to teachers explaining the Church's position on a broad range of social, moral, and historical issues. The web site operates under a grant from the Homeland and Madonna Foundations. ZE00012622

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