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Sharpen Your Critical Senses.

Check out Net Tips for Writers and Designers
One might also go to the WWW Help Page

Jacob Neilsen offers a regular series of columns on Web usability
Creating Killer Websites Online - Core Page
Creating High-Impact Documents
Developer Zone: Structure and Style Guidelines

FYI, you can go to WebTV Developer Site and download the WebTV Viewer to see exactly what your site looks like on WebTV. There are not only tag support issues to consider but scripting, color and screen size issues as well. There are a LOT of people using this box, and a lot more to come with Microsoft behind it now.

Cascading style sheets work in Netscape version 4 and above and IE version 3 (sort of) and above. A good example of style sheets in action is the Microsoft CSS Gallery

Now, POLISH that wonderful page!

Dr. Watson Another good validator
CAST Bobby Make your code friendly to disabled folks who are surfing! :)
A Kinder, Gentler HTML Validator
Doctor HTML v5 check your code!
NetMechanic Broken Link Checking Verification.

You really ought to go to Web Site Garage. They have an excellent free program. It checks:
1. Your HTML to make sure there are no errors (they're kinda nitpicky on some things that aren't life or death problems)
2. Your link popularity (via Infoseek)
3. Your spelling (skip this one and spellcheck by copying and pasting to your word processor)
4. Dead links
***5. Load time on a 14.4, 28.8 or 56K modem
****6. BROWSER COMPATIBILITY CHECK - This is a great one and will help you immensely. Although it only does Netscape and MSIE versions 2 thru 4 of each. (There is also a !Register It! readiness check for your META tags, but you're better off going to and designing for the big 8 using their guidelines)

The HTML Goodies Home Page Answers for almost all those nit-picking problems :)

Promote the Wonderful Page You've Created!

So You Want To Register Your Pages, Huh?
All In One Christian Index - Catholic Indices
Submit It! The Net's Most Popular Web Site Announcement Services
Virtual PROMOTE - Learn To Announce and Promote
CNET features - how to - promote your Web site
Publishing on the WWW-UIUC
Good Reasons to Join BOUNCE-TO
Submit It! Internet Marketing Primer

Virtual PROMOTE - Promote Or Die! - Metatags
Robots Exclusion

NetMind Services, Inc.

WebRing is a free service that offers easy access to hundreds of thousands of websites organized by topics in "rings" that make it easy to go from one to the next. New webrings are being started daily, and thousands of people join existing rings each day. The first step in joining a ring is to visit the RingWorld directory and find the most appropriate ring to join. To join a ring, visit that ring's homepage. The process for joining varies from ring to ring, so you'll need to pay attention to the instructions found there.
    If you don't find a webring on a given subject, you can create your own! But be forewarned - operating a high-quality Web ring requires a good deal of time, and a working knowledge of HTML.

The Catholic WebRing
PetersNet Home Page (Trinity Communications)
Catholic Link Exchange

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