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Graphics on the Web!

I have spent much too much time "grazing" for graphics on the web, a most enjoyable pastime! One of my favorite graphics artists is VikiMouse at the Mouse Pad. Her graphics show some of the principles I consider most important: clarity, color, quick loading and appropriate to the page on which they are found (she has such a selection it is easy to find the "right" thing for almost any type of page).

There are many many other fine designers out there and some of the URL's for them are below. Just remember that images are not (usually) the reason for the page and should ADD to, not detract from, the content! Now on to the gifs, graphics and goodies ;)

Christian Clip Art and Icons     Color & Backgrounds
Gifs and other images     Image Maps

Some of the Tools Folks Use

Images and the Law

Welcome to the Home of Jasc, Inc. Paint Shop Pro!
Paint Shop Pro Tutorials
LView Pro Home Page
Group 42: GraphX Viewer Info
Graphic Workshop for Windows
GIF Construction Set

GIFs and JPEGs
So You Want A Thumb-Nail Image, Huh
So You Want Some Frames, Huh
So You Want A Transparent Image, Huh

GifWizard - reduce the size of your images!     Try it HERE!

Enter the URL of an IMAGE (www.mypage.net/somepage.html/thepic.gif)

Your Background Color (Optional): Red Green Blue

Color for Browsers

HYPE's Color Specifier for Netscape v.3
Colour Selector Page

Gifs and other images

Web Page Builder's Resources
Mosaic Cool Stuff

Web Graphics on a Budget Awesome PSP tutorials!
Boersma's Web Gifs
Chougui Works
HTML Goodies Has it all! Check the sidebar :)
Matt's Script Archive
The Clip Art Connection
The Paint Shop Pro Users Group Ring
Dizzy's WebPage Graphics
The Graphic Station
Zyris - Home Page-Make Banner on Web
Welcome to Public Domain Images
Karen Nicholas' Celtic Web Art
Heraldic Clipart - Coats of Arms
Web Clip Art - Welcome from The Mining Company
Kid GIFs Site Guide
Welcome to ArtToday! 30 day free trial
Animated GIF Finder
Netscape Backgrounds
Laurie McCanna's Photoshop and Corel Tips (She also has a free page)
The Background Sampler
The Dog Hause All kinds of Animals!
World Wide Arts Resources
Texture Land
Texture Land-2
K & W Graphic Boutique
Hey You! Graphics
Welcome to the New Mousepad
Barry's Clip Art Server
Holiday and seasonal clipart, sounds, images, and more
Web Designer's Paradise

CHRISTIAN WEBMASTER: Christian Graphics Gallery
Tom Scharbach (Catholic RCIA Graphics)
Listings for ART AND IMAGES - Denomination-Specific Graphics
Art for the Catholic Restoration
Marian Image Thumbnails
Fred & Crystal Kovach--Christian Clip Art Gallery from St Charles Borremeo Parish Sacred Art, Catholic, Religious, Fine Art Gallery, Christ, Jesus Images Holy Card Selection and Sending - Saints CGFA A Virtual Museum Catholic Images and prayers, and more

Religious Icon and Image Archive
Russian Icons Index A Selection of Mount Athos Portable Icons
Icons in Mount Athos
Art of Mount Athos
An Introduction to Mount Athos
Listings for ART AND IMAGES - Web Page Graphics
The Ecole Initiative: Index of Images
Orthodox Ministry ACCESS Digital Icon Gallery
Orthodox Icons
Ikony Sarisskeho muzea v Bardejove
Byzantine Religious Iconography and Icon Art


Scriptorium Calligraphy Page
The Font Empire


I think the best way to create image maps is to make "fake" ones. Client side image mapping isn't supported by all browsers, and server side image mapping is kind of a pain. But you can easily make a fake one by chopping up your image into its composite parts and wrapping <A HREF> tags around each element, making sure you have border=0. Usually an image map is one big graphic that takes way too long to load anyway. You can get a freeware program that will chop up your big image and create the HTML code to put it all back together.

However, if you still want to try making a real image map, there is a good image map tutorial, which includes links to image mapping software.
More places to check:
So You Want An Image Map, Huh?
NCSA Tutorial: Imagemap
So You Want A Client-Side Image Map, Huh?
Imagemap Help Page -- Instruction
Imagemap Authoring Guide and Tutorial Sites
Map This is freeware.

Other Specialties

The Banner Generator
The Lake Applet  Tips and tutorials
The Ripple Applet

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