Most MIDI files are copyrighted. If you intend to use MIDI files on your own site, you should first determine who owns the copyright and contact that person or organization for permission to use the file.

Zap's MUSIC-ON-THE-NET Tutorial: Adding MIDI background music
Tips on Sequencing Midi Files, Links and Notes
The MIDI Farm Information Desk & Library Zap's MUSIC-ON-THE-NET Tutorial Adding MIDI
Zap's MUSIC-ON-THE-NET Tutorial MIME Types

Crescendo by LiveUpdate!
Real Audio - TV and Radio on the Net
Content Guide for Real Audio
WinAmp MP3 player reputedly the best so far
Where to find MP3 music
ReelMusic - Lots of Celtic goodies! has disappeared. If you find it PLEASE let us know!

Music For Your Wedding
Music for Episcopalnet
Diversi-Tune Java
Kwest Productions General Midi Archives
The Classical Piano Solo MIDI Page
Standard MIDI Files on the Net
Concordat Hymns
Classical Midi Organ Stop!
The best of MIDI
Classical Midi Files

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