One can take nearly free on-line courses at Virtual University.
One of the best HTML primers is found at Case Western Reserve HTML Tutorial. A quick guide/review is waiting for you at Mark Ripper's course outline. Don't forget to check his links, they are good.

You may also want to visit HTML Guru.. And don't forget to go to Composing Good HTML where you'll also find some treasures. NCSA--A beginner's Guide to HTML is another good resource.

And, of course, dig into the lessons at HTML GOODIES Start with the Primers and keep on Going ! :) Other good references include:

When you're ready to go on to greater things, the ADV-HTML list's new searchable archives can be found on the Web :)
to subscribe to the ADV-HTML list (which is completely free), here's what you need to do:
Send a new email letter to
(that's a "one" between UA and VM) with the command
SUBSCRIBE ADV-HTML YOURFIRSTNAME YOURLASTNAME in the body of your email letter, replacing YOURFIRSTNAME and YOURLASTNAME with your first and last names.

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